Rules for curating @We_Love_Aural

Volunteered/roped in to curate?  We’re very lucky to have you 🙂

1. All posts that aren’t conversations should be music related, eg, mentioning someone is fine, but tweeting your shopping list isn’t.

2. All music is perfectly accetable to post. You may post whatever musical related items you like, whether it’s filmclips, your own

music, or simply talking about how a certain artist makes you feel, it’s upto you!
3. There is no limit on how often to tweet, but please do not volunteer unless you use twitter regularly, as you may take up a week where someone could have lots of fun with the account.

4. Be prepared for the possibility of dealing with trolls and negativity – if someone annoys you because of your posts, either be civil about it, or just block the account, or if you choose to take the matter further, use your own account to do it. Not everyone will get the concept of rotation curation, so forget about them, and move on with the people who do.
5. The account will be yours for exactly 7 days. In this time, you are free to follow, star, RT anyone you like. The more people the merrier.  It is upto you however to upload a picture to identify you as a user, (either you, or something musical) and to update the bio with your details.


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