Contact details and Admin for @we_love_aural

@We_Are_Aural is proud to announce a bit of growth in the short time it has existed. Creator of the account Nick (@destroy_robots) has found that interest in the account has been better than expected, at time of writing this, we currently have curators lined up until March. 

However, Nick has also been finding with work, and study, it’s not always possible to keep track of the account, when it is sometimes operating at a peak time.  Also interest has been expressed in keeping a record of the songs users have tweeted, which is why expansion is needed.  

We Are Aural is proud to announce the addition of two new administrators to help keep the account up and running! There will be three users to keep track of the account, answer your questions about curation, and be there to help.



Danie (@DanieTreg)

Mike (@phantomdiorama)

Nick (@destroyrobots)


Please get in touch with one of us, regarding queries about the account.


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